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unique playlists is dedicated to bring you the best of switzerlands artists curated by our experts with in depth knowledge of the swiss music scene. the idea arose during the corona period. the musicians in switzerland no longer had a lot of earning potential because all of their concerts were canceled. the playlists generate many plays for the artists. the more plays you get, the better known you become. hopefully they will be booked more often. our team constantly is in contact with switzerland finest newcomers to bring you the latest in swiss music. we’re deeply connected with Switzerland and provide unique access to the latest music for your pleasure. discover upcoming high quality artists based in Switzerland on unique playlists.

meanwhile unique playlists operates the project worldwide with international and unique playlists. the portal curates playlists on spotify, deezer, tidal and apple music.

musicians can submit tracks via a web form. in addition, unique playlsits operates various social media channels on facebook and instagram.

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